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The Cheyenne Hawk Spirit!

A sensitive tattoo machine, small, sturdy, quiet, and a real lightweight at only 68 grams: The Cheyenne HAWK Spirit. This machine offers complete comfort while you work, rests easily in your hand, and features intuitive operation. The HAWK Spirit adjusts itself to every hand movement – perfect for first-class black-and-gray tattoos.

The Cheyenne HAWK Spirit heralds a new era of this classic tool: It is every bit as precise, safe, and hygienic. But this new design is even sturdier than before, with new features such as a protected cable jack connection.

The HAWK Spirit is a sensitive machine that boasts the “Manufactured in Berlin” quality seal. The ergonomic grip guarantees even more security and comfort while you work, with a design that rests easily in your hand. Do you want to create a relaxing and focused work environment for yourself and your customers? The HAWK Spirit’s quiet Precision DC Motor makes it possible.

The Cheyenne HAWK Spirit revolutionized tattoo art with its small, flexible, and incredibly lightweight design, weighing only 68 grams. All the same, it provides stable and intuitive operation. It adjusts to your every move, making your job easier. The HAWK Spirit allows for smooth, consistent work – it’s the ideal tool for filling.

The HAWK Spirit is easy to cover, allowing you to work safely and hygienically. This machine gives you the choice of two available HAWK Grips, the 1-INCH and Standard, for even more comfortable tattooing. And with a selection of five colors, you can create your own machine, tailored to your tastes.

The Cheyenne HAWK Spirit: The unbeatable, perfect tool for artists. For filling and soft shading.

Key Attributes:

– The Cheyenne HAWK Spirit is available in five colors

– 2.5 mm stroke

– Precision DC Motor

– Shading and filling (black and gray)

– Easy handling with minimal vibration, lightweight and ergonomic design

– Operation that’s gentle on the wrist

– Machine runs smoothly

– High-quality craftsmanship and materials: sturdy and hygienic

– Easy to cover

– Protected cable jack connection


Operating Voltage: 5-12 V DC
Power Input: 2.5 W
Stitch Frequency: 70-160 Hz
Stroke: 2.5 mm
Connection: 3.5 mm jack connection
Drive: Precision DC motor
Operating Mode: Continuous operation
Dimensions (L X W X D): 110 x 75 x 28mm
Weight: Approx. 90 g

Note:This machine does not come with grip, the grip for this machine can be purchased as21mm,25mmor theSol Nova Grip

Power Supply & Foot Pedal not included:Compatible withPU1,PU2,PU3,PU4andCheyenne Foot Pedal

Cheyenne Hawk Rotary Tattoo Machines are considered the top of the line in the tattoo industry. These machines are made in Germany with absolute precision, and the result is comfort, versatility and optimal speed. With that being said, Hawk has also designed their own individual needle cartridges for the convenience and hygiene of their machines. They have designed more than 40 different needle cartridges anticipating each artist’s needs. These are the perfect machines.

Product Code: CB225X1XXX

Weight 0.24 kg

Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Silver


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