Cheyenne SOL Grip


The SOL Luna and SOL Terra are the latest developments in Cheyenne‘s SOL family. They can be customised with these 3 handle pieces of different sizes (S: 21.0 mm, M: 25.4 mm, L: 33.0 mm).
The innovative engine concept of the SOL Nova (Steady mode) has been enhanced by a revolutionary feature: a mode switch. By turning this mode switch on the head of the drive, you can switch between two operating modes: the new mode of the SOL family, which guarantees a constant hit and stitch frequency in all situations (Steady mode) and the Responsive mode, you are used to from the machines in the HAWK line, in which the frequency and hit of the tattoo machine reacts to the surface tension of the skin. Both machines allow operating frequencies down to 25 Hz, which is ideal for dot-work and pepper spray techniques. Coupled with our reliable, durable engines and ideally balanced drive mechanics for incomparable, quiet and low-vibration operation, SOL Luna and SOL Terra offer the state of the art tattooing experience.

Product Code: CB22XX1

Weight 0.5 kg

4.0 in


S (21.0 mm), M (25.4 mm), L (33.0 mm)


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