Hera Micro Needle Derma Pen Cartridge, 10pk


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Hera Micro Needling Machine Derma Pen needle cartridges. This is for 10 pcs pack. These are spring-loaded pieces that function with the Hera. Pre-sterilized in airtight packaging. These are meant for single use.

These needle packs are designed to fit our Hera Micro-Needling machines. 

Also Designed for use with microneedle machines like the Electric MyM, Derma Pen, Dermapen, Hera and the YVR (the models that use the SCREW PORT)
Pins: 9 pin
Port style: Screw port with 10mm diameter threading
Package: 3 / 10 or 20 pcs
Size:40mm x 10mm (L x D)

Product code HMN10

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