Minerva Intelligent Controller Power Station


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Up your game with the Minerva Intelligent Controller Powerstation.  Featuring advanced settings for Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips and Medical PMU.  Use the pre-set output settings or tweak and set your own.  Finally, you have a programmable device that will keep track of your voltage settings & speeds for different applications!  The unit features a USB output, so not only will the Intelligent Controller work with a Minerva PMU Machine, it will run any PMU Machine/Device that utilizes a USB connection to its power source.  So if you have another brand of PMU Pen that utilizes a USB wire to connect to its power source, you can plug it into the Intelligent Controller to use all the smart settings to run it!  Isn’t that intelligent?

Key Features:

  • Output of 1.5AMP
  • 4 Programmable settings for Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips and Medical PMU
  • Compatible with all PMU Machine/Pens that use a USB Connector to its power source.
  • Touch screen and easily bagged/barriered to keep clean!





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