Minerva Studente Permanent Makeup Kit System



Minerva Studente Professional Permanent Makeup Pen Kit, a training system combines the Minerva Wired (Not wireless) permanent makeup pen with professional Doreme Pigments, the invaluable guide: The Aspiring Permanent Makeup Artist – Getting Started in Microblading & Permanent Makeup, exclusive membership as a VIP to Perpetual Permanent Makeup and the supplies necessary to start your journey into this rewarding industry!  Featuring wipeable ink retaining professional practice skin that retains the strokes like real skin and wipes like real skin!

The Minerva Wired Machine is a sleek, ergonomic design that is light and easy to hold, ensuring a comfortable session for both you and your client.  Featuring a one touch button design that allows you to turn on the device and change the speed with a single button.

Minerva is highly suitable for all PMU procedures such as: lip blush, permanent eyeliner, microshading (ombré brows), scalp micropigmentation, scar camouflage and more. Minerva is most ideal for doing microshading compared to other traditional tattoo pens due to the smaller diameter of the needles.  Being a fully functional cosmetic tattoo machine, the Minerva is also capable of performing scalp micropigmentation, semi permanent makeup makeup, eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner tattoo, ombre brow and permanent eyebrow procedures.

The Minerva is designed to be used with Minerva Bayonet Needle Cartridges.  The Minerva is also compatible with other Bayonet-style needle cartridges of the same diameter.

The Aspiring Permanent Makeup Artist – Getting Started in Microblading & Permanent Makeup

An invaluable book that goes over how to get started and progress in this industry.  Chapters include: What is Permanent Makeup, What is Microblading, What is Micropigmentation, Workstation, Preparation & Sterilization Procedures, All About the Skin, Color Theory, Micorblading Equipment, Micropigmentation Equipment, and more!

Doreme Pigments

Doreme pigments were developed in Korea by experienced innovators of the permanent makeup pigments industry. In collaboration with a team of experts in microblading and permanent makeup technicians, a state of the art type of pigment was created and named Doreme pigment.

Doreme pigments are perfect for the stylization of lips, eyebrows, eyes and scar remodeling. Coming from a background of pigment development, this brand only uses the best colorants available for their formulations. During the production of pigments, the Ph ratings, emulsion and particle size are carefully adjusted and perfected to ensure the longest-lasting retention on skin. If you are a permanent makeup or microblading technician looking for reliable pigments that flow well and heal even better, Doreme is what you are looking for.

The Doreme line includes liquid, Concentrate and 2Shot. The liquid pigments in this kit are the least dense and are suitable for permanent makeup with machine applications.


  • Minerva Wired Pen
  • Power supply & Adaptor
  • The Aspiring Permanent Makeup Artist Book
  • Minerva Round Liner Cartridges x5
  • Minerva Round Shader Cartridges x5
  • Doreme Professional Pigment – Eyeliner
  • Pigment Rings x 10
  • Lips and Brows Practice Skin
  • Wipeable Ink Retaining Professional Practice Skin
  • Specialized Skin Marking Pencil – Nonsmudge!
  • VIP Membership card to Perpetual Permanent Makeup

Minerva Bayonet Needle Cartridges can be found HERE

**Doreme pigment colors depend on availability**

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