Permanent Makeup Machine – Minerva Pen and Adapter


We are excited to introduce the newly designed Minerva permanent makeup machine, the successor of the extremely popular Artemis permanent makeup machine! The Minerva features improvements in the motor, circuit boards, depth adjustment wheel, needle cartridge design and needle cartridge chamber.

The motor has been vastly improved with higher gauge wiring and thicker walled housing, increasing performance yet decreasing overall vibration. There is a new circuitry component to the hand piece which allows the one button operation to not only power on the device, but also make speed setting changes, all with the convenience of a single button. The power button is also illuminated with led lighting, which blinks in accordance to the speed setting it is on. The depth adjustment wheel features a 7 millimeter give before it adjusts the depth. The give prevents the wheel from affecting the depth, if accidentally moved during operation. The needle cartridge design is secured via a locking mechanism, as opposed to the screw tight method of older versions of needle cartridge pens, like the Artemis. The locking mechanism does not require any compression force on the walls of the needle chamber, thus increasing the longevity of the needle chamber.

The Minerva comes with a powerful 2 amp wall adaptor but the hand piece can be improved with the Minerva Intelligent Controller Power station. The Intelligent Controller Power station features advanced settings for Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips and Medical. The unit can be both battery operated or plugged into the wall to charge or run. If you would like to see a video of the Minerva go to Youtube and search for Minerva Permanent Makeup Machine



Product Code: MINVKITSTA

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