Perpetual Permanent Makeup: Microblading Professional Kit


Perpetual Permanent Makeup is proud to present our Microblading Professional Kit. This kit is the ultimate Microbading Kit that will allow professional technicians to use a wide range of short, medium, long and curved strokes with the variety of Curved Flat and U-Shaped blades. Depending on your client’s face shape and selection on style, a skilled technician will be able to use this kit and determine the best blade to used in order to form the selected style.

The Professional Kit comes with 2 Non-Disposable holders for ultimate convenience.  The holder can be taken apart into many different components for sterilization. This is re-usable handle can hold any size microblades that we carry. It is the great for learning and for professionals.

This kit also comes with Doreme’s 2Shot Pigment in Deep Brown and Dark Blonde, as well as Doreme’s Concentrated pigment color Slate. This allows mixing between the two lines to create your desire consistency. Doreme’s 2 Shot line is the cross between the Liquid line and the Concentrate line in consistency. This line is the best of both worlds since it can be used for both Micropigmentation and Microblading. For microblading, 2 Shot pigments are great for beginners and apprentices. It provides the perfect consistency that allows anyone learning to work pigment into skin with ease. Doreme’s Concentrate line is released with a creamy consistency made for microblading, or manual application. This line is thicker in consistency than the 2 Shot line, giving intense pigment with the initial application.

We are proud to carry one of industries most prominent brands of pigments: Doreme, made in South Korea. Doreme goes through two extensive safety tests, one with their own laboratory and the other in Germany, certified by Dermatest.

Please note that pigment colors are subject to change base on availability. The list below will always be updated and correct

  Professional Kit Includes:

  • 1 Gold Non-Disposable Handle
  • 1 Silver Non-Disposable Handle
  • 10x 7 Curve Flat Microblades
  • 10x 9 Curve Flat Microblades
  • 10x 11 Curve Flat Microblades
  • 10x 12 Curve Flat Microblades
  • 10x 16 Curve Flat Microblades
  • 10x 17 Curve Flat Microblades
  • 10x 19 Curve Flat Microblades
  • 10x 14 U Shaped Microblades
  • 10x 18 U Shaped Microblades
  • 10x 21 U Shaped Microblades
  • 2 Dual sided practice skin
  • 1 3D Brow Skin
  • 1 Skin Scribe
  • 2x Doreme 2 Shot Pigment in our most popular brown
  • 1 Doreme Concentrated Pigment in our most popular brown
  • VIP 7% Discount Card
  • Introduction to Microneedling Guidebook
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