RCA Jack Tattoo Machine Conversion Mount


Conversion mount for your tattoo machine to use an RCA jack instead of a clip cord. The advantage of an RCA jack lies in its strong attachment head. Since the RCA jack inserts entirely into the female plug, there is almost no way for the clip cord to get knocked out of place. The only way one would remove the jack is by physically removing the plug when you want to or need to.

This mount is easily installed by unscrewing the back spring screw to release the spring deck/back spring and the back binding post (post that the clip cord is inserted into, on the frame).  Put the RCA mount frame with RCA plug facing towards the rear with the screw hole in between the spring deck and back spring, position the angle as you need and then tighten back the spring deck/RCA mount frame/back spring.  Snake the connection wire beside the rear coil and down so the eyelet is connected to the rear binding screw threads.  Put back on the back binding post and tighten the screw.

RCA Mount with plug fitted above the back spring for easier attachment.  Angled frame allows for multiple angles and positions for better attachment.  Comes complete with 5′ long RCA Cord with 1/4″ plug.

Product code: RCA

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Benefits of an RCA Clip Cord

The benefits of an RCA clip cord are numerous. This conversion mount and cord will increase efficiency. The restriction of movement is decreased. The potential for the clip cord cutting out when using a regular clip cord is distracting and annoying when you are concentrating hard on a piece. With the mount securely fastened with the RCA clip cord, you can work with a peace of mind.

Easy to install Conversion Mount

The RCA tattoo machine conversion mount is easy to install. Simply unscrew the top fastening screw that secures the back spring, slide in on the frame with the female plug sticking outwards in the direction of the clip cord. Replace fasten back on the back spring screw and adjust the frame as needed to the position of your choice. The mount frame has an elongated fastening hole that allows you a fair bit of positioning options. Unscrew the top binding post of your tattoo machine and feed the wire of the RCA jack conversion mount through your machine frame and secure it to the top binding post screw. Re-fasten the top binding post and you are done.

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