Skin 2 Paper Roll – 18″ x 120″


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Skin 2 Paper is an innovative new kind of transfer paper that will provide you with the clearest transfer you ever imagined!  The clarity of the transfer is perfect for creating the most custom fitted design for your client.

Specially made for use on skin and tested on humans, Skin 2 Paper is hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to be worried about any reactions when using it on your clients.

Whether you want to measure an area or mark irregularities on the skin, capture the perfect flow or body lines on your client, or make a design to cover up an old tattoo, Skin 2 Paper has got you covered.

Using Skin 2 Paper is so easy. Just use any pen or marker that is suitable for use on skin and draw a design or markings on your client’s body, then you can use Skin 2 Paper to transfer it to paper fast and accurately.

The process is simple: draw on your client’s body, apply Skin 2 Paper foil, press firmly, remove it, then place the foil on a piece of paper or directly on your lightbox. Now you can create your design at the exact size!

This way, you know that your design will fit your client perfectly. It’s great when you’re not comfortable with tattooing freehand but you still want to have the benefits of freehand drawing.

You can also use the Skin 2 Paper foil to transfer your design to paper and then scan it into your computer. This will then allow you to print out a stencil that will be perfectly sized, ensuring more accurate tattoos.

For freehand tattooers that like to draw and tattoo right away, Skin 2 Paper comes in just as handy. Let’s say that you drew too much and are not able to finish tattooing the whole design. Now you can use Skin 2 Paper foil to preserve your drawing and make a stencil of your design for next time, instead of having to draw it out again next session!  Available as an 18″ x 120″ roll.

To see a demonstration of some of the benefits of using Skin 2 Paper, check out the informative video.



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