The Most Popular Types of Permanent / Semi-Permanent Makeup in 2021

The permanent makeup industry has gone through somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, and there are some incredible techniques being practiced all around the world. Today, we are going to be diving into this topic in more depth and looking at everything you need to know about the most popular types of permanent makeup in 2021.

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a very popular style of semi-permanent makeup in 2021. It involves a few sessions of pigment application to a person’s lips, in order to achieve a soft and blurred lipstick effect. 

This particular style of semi-permanent makeup does require a client to have a good pain threshold, and a decent amount of patience, too. This technique can require multiple sessions, and it is a relatively sensitive section of the face to work on, too. 

Of course, it is undoubtedly worth the effort and the time, though. Lip blushing looks soft and natural, yet strikingly beautiful when done correctly. Artists match the pigment to their client’s natural lip color, which is one of the main reasons why there are so many types of pigments available for them to work with.

Permanent Eyeliner

Arguably, this is one of the most popular types of permanent makeup in existence. 

It is perfect for people who want to save time on their makeup routine and add an extra touch of flair to their everyday look. The term ‘permanent eyeliner’ can refer to a standard, traditional eyeliner tattoo or a lash line enhancement tattoo.

Regardless of which style of permanent eyeliner a client opts for, permanent eyeliner is incredibly versatile. Permanent eyeliner can be bold, dramatic and elaborate, or can be simple, delicate and very natural, too. It depends on the client’s personal preference. 

Permanent eyeliner has been immensely popular in recent months as it is a simple and polished way to make eyes look bigger, and to enhance the natural look of eyelashes, too. It helps to save time and effort with makeup.

Permanent eyeliner is done by applying very small droplets of pigment into the skin with a permanent makeup pen. As with any permanent technique, there is always the minimal risk of infection- but this is a popular and beloved practice, so there are many skilled artists to pull this off well. There are plenty of handy educational tools to support artists with this, like this starter guide on microblading.

Permanent Blush

This particular style of permanent makeup is not as popular as the others in this list, but it is worth covering nonetheless. When done properly, permanent blush can be soft, flattering and very beautiful for a number of clients- providing that they find the right artist.

People opt for techniques like this in order to save time on their makeup routines, and to feel more confident without their regular makeup. Blusher is something that many clients will hardly think about with their makeup routine, as it is such a standard product for people to have at their disposal when trying to put their look together.

it is important to note that this particular technique is very difficult, and many artists will not do it. Everything from sunshine to skincare products can have a negative impact on the healing and longevity of the work. Moreover, it takes a very skilled artist to pull this technique off. 

If you are interested in permanent blush, make sure to do your research and go with the best artist possible. Follow the aftercare instructions to a T, to make sure the end result is great.


This is a technique that you are bound to have heard of, whether you are brand new to permanent makeup or a seasoned fan of the industry. Microblading is immensely popular right now, with some artists able to make a living entirely off of this practice. The quality of microblading tools and education is better now than it ever has been before. 

Microblading involves creating detailed, lifelike strokes on a person’s brows, in order to mimic eyebrow hairs. This technique can create some wonderfully natural and beautiful effects, and it is immensely popular with the online beauty community.

Microblading requires touch-ups, as with any other kind of tattoo. Most clients can expect to visit their artist again within the timeframe of 12 months to 18 months, and the aftercare steps are incredibly important to follow up properly. If you are opting to check out a microblading procedure, make sure to pick an artist who can support you through the entire process.

Micropigmentation – Ombré Brows

Micropigmentation is a coverall term that can apply to several types of permanent and semi-permanent styles of makeup. We are proud to stock a number of handy micropigmentation tools and supplies on our website, and we are personally big fans of the practice as well. Let’s finish up by taking a look at a few key styles in this sector.

One of the most popular styles of micropigmentation right now is ombre brows. In fact, they’re one of the main styles rivalling the popularity of microbladed brows in 2021. This technique utilizes tiny dots, in the same fashion as a regular, old-school tattoo.

Ombre brows can actually last longer than microbladed brows in many cases, and the end results are very similar to currently trendy MUA-style eyebrows, too. They’re certainly worth looking into if you are looking to get your brows done.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Another common form of micropigmentation work is scalp pigmentation. This popular technique utilizes small, packed dots in order to replicate the look of hair on someone’s scalp. 

It is a great way for people experiencing hair loss to regain some confidence and to feel happier with the overall appearance of their hair. it is used by people of all gender identities, and is a technique that requires a very skilled artist in order to get a natural result. 


If you’ve been waiting for a sign to look into permanent or semi-permanent makeup, this is it. Despite the hurdles that beauty businesses have had to overcome in recent years, there are some truly incredible people making waves in the industry in 2021. 

If you want to find out more about the world of permanent and semi-permanent makeup, please feel free to check out our full website – we’ve got a wealth of products and content.

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