Why is Microblading Taking Over the Beauty Industry?

If you are involved in the beauty industry, you are bound to have heard of the wonders of microblading. This form of semi-permanent tattooing has grown in popularity in recent years, with everyone from young makeup fans to older clients interested in getting the procedure done. 

In fact, microblading is set to continue expanding in popularity as more and more people embrace new procedures. The results of microblading and quality of microblading tools and supplies continue to improve year after year. Today, we will be diving into the topic in more depth and examining why microblading has become such an integral part of modern beauty practices.

Why is Microblading So Popular Right Now?

One of the main reasons why microblading is such a popular technique right now is that it can help make people’s makeup routines simpler and faster. Older eyebrow trends – such as the thin, arched style from the 2000s – took a lot of maintenance and upkeep. 

Microbladed brows look aesthetically pleasing and they are handy for clients to keep up with, too. They minimize the amount of products that one would need to buy for their makeup bag, and look incredible over a long period of time.

Another reason microblading is so popular right now is that it can be great for people looking to regain some confidence and pride in their appearance. People who suffer from thinning brows, hair loss or a general lack of confidence can sometimes find a huge boost in their self esteem from having a procedure like microblading that looks natural and best of all, you wake up with them already there.

Microblading is also rising in popularity due to the amount of influencers and celebrities who have had it done. it is a very social media oriented practice, with plenty of the best content creators and businesses in the industry promoting it via their social media channels.

After all, influencer marketing is an essential part of the beauty sector. The key difference between microblading and other eyebrow related styles – like halo brows, for example – is that microblading has been consistently popular with influencers. it is a practical solution to a real world problem that also looks great at the same time. it is held the attention of the industry for a good few years now, and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Why Should Beauticians Look into Learning Microblading?

Now that we’ve explored why microblading is so popular, let’s look at the specific reasons why beauticians and entrepreneurs should look into microblading this year. 

The number one reason – microblading is highly profitable and can offer a huge return on investment. Microblading certifications and equipment do require an investment, but microblading treatments can typically cost more than $500 and upwards to $1000. Your patrons are ready to pay for quality and given the brows are permanent and prominent (how does one hide ugly brows?), consumers don’t always shop for the lowest price but for the best quality one can afford! 

#2 – Microblading is a service that fits well with other beauty services. Many beauty salons today offer a range of services such as semi-permanent makeup, microshading, eyelash extensions, and would also consider adding microblading as part of its services. While many studios do offer microblading as a service alongside their other treatments, some businesses even specialize and only provide microblading at the salon.

#3 – Microblading is just getting more and more popular and unlikely to go away. The quality of the output is high. Another name for microblading is “3D brows” – because it looks so real in-person and on camera. It is a great time for beauticians to get into microblading as it has reached a perfect balance between a trendy topic and an industry staple. Microblading is not going out of vogue any time soon, as shown by its rising popularity.

All in all, microblading is one of the most useful skills for a budding beautician or a studio worker to have in 2021. If you are thinking of increasing your service offering to boost your bottom line – this is something to consider.

What Do You Need to Get Started With Microblading?

Lets go over what you need to start in microblading. To get into the business, you will need to invest in training and equipment.


In terms of training: it is good news that the quality of training and education about the technique has immensely improved. Microblading is not a new technique by any means, and the quality of certifications and professional courses relating to it is simply fantastic.

If you are on the fence and just curious and don’t want to commit, you can purchase some DIY training materials to see if this is your “cup of tea”. We also sell comprehensive microblading kits online so you can get your feet wet and see what it is like.

It is important to make sure that you find a great training provider if you want to seriously get into the business. Whether you choose to train with a local provider or to head off to a school, make sure to do your research on the quality of the course. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of tattooing after all, so a good quality education is essential. (These things are hard to undo!) Having a good understanding of color theory, pigments, sterilisation, aftercare and proper equipment management is just as important as knowing how to actually do the microblading technique.

Supplies and Equipment

Once you have completed your training you will have learned how important it is to set up a sterile and comfortable environment to perform your microblading sessions in. While setups may differ based on preferences, most will have basic similarities.  The most obvious ones would be to set up so that you can easily access your equipment, and so that your customer is comfortable during the procedure. 

Speaking of equipment, it is vital to make sure that you have a great roster of microblading tools at your disposal. For someone who is just starting out and does not want to make a big investment in materials, we offer a convenient microblading kit made of high quality equipment and supplies. it has got everything you need to practice microblading and get started.

Once you are serious about getting into the business and working on real people, you would need to think about investing in the following to start offering microblading:


All in all, if you are looking for a new technique to train up in this year then microblading could be the perfect choice to make. Microblading attracts a huge range of clients, there are fantastic courses to help you get set up for success with it and there’s a bustling beauty community online, too.

If you are looking to learn more about the best microblading products and tools online, please feel free to check out our full website here. We’re proud to stock the latest microblading tools in the game and if you are looking to get set up this year, we’re sure you’ll love our products.

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